The main consideration for a new driver is the cost of insurance.

This depends on a number of factors such as the insurance group of the car, where you live and how you are going to use the car.
We can advise on the best cars from an insurance point of view to suit your budget, sadly, it is unlikely that we can advise you where to live!


Small is not necessarily the only or the right option for your needs. The points you may need to consider are the number of doors, boot size, hatchback or saloon etc.

Age and Make

banner2There is a big choice of makes and models out there. Prices vary considerably depending on the make and specification of a car. Fashion also plays a big part in how much a used car costs. We can guide you through the process of deciding what car is right for you.


Being flexible with your colour choice gives you more options but there are definite colours to avoid depending on the make and model of car in order to keep the re-sell value as high as possible. Fashion also plays a big part here, what is fashionable today may not be in a few years time.