Mark and Matt grew up as neighbours and have always shared a passion for cars and have owned, still own, restored and enjoyed numerous cars. Most of them of them good but some of them dreadful!

Buying a car is stressful. A recent survey published by Autotrader found that 81%of people found buying car a stressful experience. Buying a car is usually one of the most expensive purchases you make and deciding what to get, worrying about what to get, dealing with traders, trying to get a fair deal for the chosen car, determining whether it is what it is advertised to be and not a lemon all add to that stress.
For first time or new drivers, this is an even more daunting experience. This is usually the biggest purchase they have had to make and they have no previous experience. For parents of young newly qualified drivers, there is the added worry of safety but also of their son and daughter being tapped with a costly mistake or stranded on the side of the road.

Mark has been a driving instructor for over 23 years. The one question he is always asked is “What car should I get?” closely followed by “do you know if anyone has one for sale?”
Matt has always been a car nut and his favourite hobby is searching for and finding great cars. He has advised on and sourced many cars for other people over the years.

They thought there has to be a better way.
Pooling their experience gained over the last 25 years and more on all things automotive, how to deal with traders, how to spot the good ones and negotiating to get the right car at the right price they have been able to build up a network of mechanics, dealers and even body shops to find the right car for you. Through their networks they are able to tap into specialist knowledge and expertise when needed to take the stress out of buying a car, new or used.

Although they specialise in finding cars for new drivers they can find the right car for anybody. Get in touch to discuss your requirements or for advice on what suit your needs.